The Chuukese Association of Guam lead a cleanup effort around Hemlani’s Apartments in Harmon on Saturday.

The Hemlani’s Apartments Chuukese Youth Association, the Federated States of Micronesia Consul General’s Office, and the FSM Association of Guam assisted. The cleanup was part of the efforts these organizations are making to address issues within the freely associated states community, according to a press release from Sen. Clynton Ridgell’s office.

The organizations have been meeting long before the highly publicized machete attack in Mangilao, the release stated.

“This violent incident further highlighted the need for these organizations to act swiftly to develop a plan and strategy to prevent violence,” the press release stated. “Part of this strategy includes improving the conditions within the FAS community and instilling a sense of pride of ownership and respect for oneself and others within the FAS community.”

Ridgell said his office has been meeting with and helping to organize and mobilize the Chuukese Association of Guam, the FSM Association of Guam, and other organizations from the FAS prior to the now infamous machete attacks in Mangilao.

“Since the machete attacks, the FSM Association of Guam has created a task force to address violence and other issues within the community,” the senator stated. “This task force has identified some key challenges within the FAS community and has come up with potential solutions and ways to address these challenges. More community involvement and more events like community cleanups are part of the solutions that have been identified.”

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