2 injured in Cessna crash

AIRFIELD: This is a file photo of the Orote Point airfield at the Navy base on Guam. A Cessna plane operated by a tour company crashed in the jungle area off this runway Sunday morning. File photo courtesy of the Department of Defense 

A civilian aircraft that tried to make an emergency landing on Naval Base Guam's Orote Point runway this morning crashed in a nearby jungle, the military confirmed in a press release.

Naval Base Guam Fire and Emergency Services responded immediately and transported two injured occupants to Naval Hospital Guam.

There were no fatalities.

"The plane’s trajectory and momentum at landing carried it off the runway and into the surrounding jungle, where damage to the craft occurred. No damage occurred to the runway or operational facilities," the press release states.

The injured are the pilot and lone passenger of a light plane operated by Trend Vector Aviation, confirmed Rolenda Lujan Faasuamalie, the A.B. Won Pat Guam International Airport Authority's marketing director. The company offers aerial tours in skies around and near Guam.

The plane left the Guam international airport at 8 a.m. for a two-hour flight, Faasuamalie stated.

Trend Vector advertises on its website that it "maintains well-equipped Cessna 172 and Piper Arrow IV aircraft to the highest standards of safety and operational excellence comparable to major U.S. airlines." 

Civil authorities are investigating the crash, the military stated.

In close coordination with the Government of Guam Homeland Security/Civil Defense, Naval Base Guam Emergency Operations Center and Joint Region Marianas Regional Operation Center are coordinating notification and further reporting as necessary, the press release states.


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