The Guam Women's Clinic is no longer performing abortions, and apparently that leaves Guam with nobody who will perform one.

While the website for the Guam Women's Clinic still operates, and comes up as the first listing when "abortion services Guam" is Googled, a call to the number listed confirmed that Dr. William Freeman has retired and that Dr. Jeffrey Gabel, who's taken over the clinic, does not provide those services as Freeman did.

Sagua Mañagu confirmed it doesn't provide abortion services and, according to an operator there, the office was unaware of anyone on island it could refer to, what with Freeman's retirement.

A call to ExpressCare Clinic Guam at the Micronesia Mall, which also comes up on the same Google search, said it doesn't perform them either and referred The Guam Daily Post to Freeman's clinic. Upon being told that Freeman had retired and when asked if there was anyone else on island to recommend, the response was, "That was the only one."

The other listings that came up on the Google search were the Pregnancy Control Clinic, whose numbers appear to be disconnected, and the Guam Poly Clinic, whose phone continued to ring unanswered.

A source within the women's health care provider community on Guam also confirmed there is nobody on island at present who can be referred to for an abortion. 

A call and email to the Department of Public Health and Social Services asking where women could be referred to for abortion services went unanswered before press time.

According to Post files, in April, a well-attended public hearing was held for legislation introduced by Sen. Dennis Rodriguez Jr. – who is running for governor – that seeks to ban and criminalize abortions on women 20 weeks into their pregnancy who are not covered by specified exemptions. 

During that hearing, attorney Anita Arriola, who opposed the legislation, said, "Many things can go wrong during a pregnancy. A woman’s health could be at risk in ways that we cannot even imagine. When complications develop, a woman should be able to get the care she needs."

Bobby Pelkey, state deputy of the Knights of Columbus, State Council of Guam, testified in support of the measure, stating, "It is as clear today as it has always been: The Catholic Church opposes abortion because abortion is moral evil.”

In January, hundreds of anti-abortion activists attended Guam’s first Rally for Life, formerly called the Chain for Life, at the Paseo Stadium in Hagåtña to peacefully protest against abortion and promote the sanctity of life. That event was hosted by the Guam Catholic Pro-Life Committee.


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