Three of Guam’s key Democratic leaders announced their endorsement of Hillary Clinton for U.S. president today, ahead of the island’s May 7 caucus between the former secretary of state and Senator Bernie Sanders.

“I strongly endorse Hillary Clinton for President,” said Guam Delegate Madeleine Bordallo through a press release issued by Hillary for America, Clinton’s official campaign. “There is no one more prepared to tackle the challenges that face our next President more than Hillary.”

“It is an honor and a privilege to endorse Secretary Hillary Clinton,” said Taling Taitano, Democratic National Committeewoman for Guam.

“Hillary Clinton has the strength, compassion and principled leadership that we need in a President,” said Sen. Rory Respicio, Democratic National Committeeman for Guam. “She is knowledgeable about the issues important to the people of Guam, and she will be a great leader for the nation.”

The triple endorsement comes on the wings of several critical East Coast primary victories for Clinton on Tuesday. With Clinton winning four out of five state primary contests and furthering a massive lead in both pledged and unpledged delegates, Sanders’ presidential campaign is increasingly seen as unviable, with the no realistic path to securing the Democratic presidential nomination.

Guam’s delegates

Still, Guam’s 12 Democratic delegate votes are being pursued by both candidates as Clinton tries to wrap up the party’s nomination process to pivot toward the general election and Sanders attempts to close the delegate gap and gain leverage to push for platform concessions.

Sanders’ campaign released its official Guam platform yesterday, spelling out the candidate’s positions on issues such as the territory's political status, his support of war time reparations, Compact of Free Association impact funding, and managing the growing military presence.

Clinton’s DNC supporters rebutted through endorsements today, pointing to Clinton’s personal experience with Guam and knowledge of the challenges it faces.

“Having visited Guam twice, she knows our critical issues such as Compact Impact, Self Determination and the strategic role Guam plays in national security,” Tatiano said by press release.

“She understands the issues important to the people of Guam, and I know that with her in the White House we will have a friend who works to address federal issues that impact the lives of our people,” Bordallo said.

Guam's presidential caucus for the Democratic nominee is on May 7 and allows for same-day voter registration.


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