Governor-elect rounds out fiscal team

LEON GUERRERO: Gov.-elect Lou Leon Guerrero has announced the final eight nominees to her fiscal discipline team. Post file photo

The Commission on the CHamoru Language and the Teaching of the History and Culture of the Indigenous People of Guam, or I Kumisión i Fino' CHamoru yan i Fina'nå'guen i Historia yan Lina'la' i Taotao Tåno', on Thursday announced the standardized spelling for the name of the indigenous inhabitants of Guam.

It's CHamoru, not Chamorro, the commission stated.

This spelling has been encoded by Guam law and the commission has included this spelling in the updated Guam CHamoru Orthography, or Utugrafihan CHamoru, Guåhan, the commission stated.

"The word CHamoru will be spelled as CH-a-m-o-r-u in accordance with PL 33-236," the commission stated.

It is also highly recommended that when using the word CHamoru, it be spelled as such in English or other languages so as to honor the CHamoru spelling of the word, the commission stated.

The commission also announced the official titles for the governor-elect, the husband of the govenor-elect, and the lieutenant governor-elect.

Officials titles in CHamoru

Their respective official titles in CHamoru are:

• Governor of Guam: maga'håga

• Husband of the governor of Guam: asaguan maga'håga

• Lieutenant governor of Guam: sigundo maga'låhi

"Since the lieutenant governor is a male, we use maga'låhi," the commission stated.


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