Pacific Unlimited, doing business as Pacific Topsoil & Compost, has created a new product to reduce landscape costs by taking green waste and composting it to make wood mulch and wood chips.

Guam International Country Club’s weed problem in one area of the golf course was costing the club manpower and taking a toll on bush-cutter whips, according to Richard Ybanez, GICC director of sales.

To combat the weed problem, Pacific Unlimited provided the country club its wood chip product to cover the area. “If you do not want to maintain or have growth in the area, cover that area with these wood chips,” said Michael Limtiaco, vice president of Pacific Unlimited. “It can significantly reduce landscaping and maintenance cost.”

Limtiaco said the wood chip alternative is aesthetically pleasing as well, compared to covering the area with rocks.

“What the wood chips did was help me cut costs from bush-cutting and supplies,” Ybanez said. The country club saved an estimated $2,000 within five months, he said.

The product is not just for commercial entities, Limtiaco said. For example, a resident with a raised garden can take advantage of the wood mulch and use it in the garden to control weeds, he said.

GICC is piloting the wood mulch and wood chip maintenance project in partnership with Pacific Unlimited.

Limtiaco said wood mulch and wood chips had to be imported by hardware stores in the past, but now the product is available locally.

In addition to GICC, Onward Talofofo Golf Club is also using Pacific Unlimited’s wood mulch, Limtiaco said.

Attract more customers

“We’re hoping to attract a lot more commercial customers, a lot more golf course customers,” he said. Ybanez said the country club used to cut grass in the tested area about every three weeks but with the wood chips, the club has not trimmed the grass since September.

The wood chip prices vary depending on the material, according to Limtiaco.

According to a release, the mulch and wood chips curb maintenance costs, cuts the need for weed killing poisons, reduces the need for gas-powered grass cutters and enables commercial consumers and landscapers to use less time and money cutting unwanted weeds.


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