Complaint alleges funds misused at middle school

INVESTIGATION: Untalan Middle School in Barrigada is shown in February 2017. Post file photo

The Guam Department of Education is investigating a complaint regarding the alleged misuse of funds at Untalan Middle School. 

Superintendent Jon Fernandez said the department's internal audit office is looking into the issue. The investigation began last week and might be completed within the next two week, he added. 

"We're trying to determine, No. 1, whether there was the misuse of funds and 2, what that amount would be," Fernandez said. "I know the internal audit office has started to do it based on the complaint they received, but I won't know more until they do the analysis." 

The superintendent said the complaint was focused on nonappropriated funds, which involve funds raised for school activities. No estimate on the amount of alleged misused funds was available.

'We're going to be looking for receipts'

"Usually when we do an investigation, we're going to be looking for receipts, approval of activities, what moneys were collected, whether they were processed correctly based on our policies, and if they were expended, can all the money be accounted for," Fernandez said. "Right now I do know there was a complaint but I don't have any information as to whether it's valid or not, or even what the amounts might be."

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