A man, who allegedly was under the influence of methamphetamine, identified himself to police as LeBron James and snapped his fingers when police encountered him responding to a disturbance at a home in Dededo on March 15.

According to the magistrate's complaint, Redjie Del Rosario allegedly slapped his son in the face using an open palm, unexpectedly. His behavior scared the son, according to court documents.

“The victim's brother, and Defendant's daughter, told police that the Defendant had recently used methamphetamine,” the complaint alleged.

Police said Del Rosario, upon approach, was repeatedly heard stating, “I’m LeBron James,” and snapped his fingers, among other actions – all while in the nude.

Del Rosario's eyes were darting back and forth, officers observed. He “attempted to gag himself using his hand. He yelled in a demonic voice and was (completely) naked,” the complaint stated.

Del Rosario reportedly yelled profanities at police when asked if he wanted shorts. The complaint stated Rosario made comments that included asking where his “pipe” was.

When police attempted to arrest Rosario, he allegedly ran toward the home's kitchen, “where (officers) feared he would grab a knife. The Defendant continuously pulled his arms away from the police as they attempted to handcuff him,” the complaint stated.

Police had to deploy a stun gun to subdue Del Rosario.

He was charged with assault against a police officer as a third-degree felony, along with family violence and resisting arrest as misdemeanors.


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