Two nominees to the Guam Contractors License Board cruised through their confirmation hearing Wednesday morning at the Guam Congress Building in Hagåtña.

Selina Ashland and Matthew Cruz appeared before Sen. Jose "Pedo" Terlaje’s committee on infrastructure. Each made brief statements on their qualifications for appointment.

If approved, their appointments should ease the quorum woes that have stalled meetings of the board since 2018 because there have not been enough board members to conduct meetings.

Association of women builders

Ashland is the general manager of Island Equipment and the director of the Guam Chapter of the National Association of Women in Construction.

She testified that she is “eager” to use her professional experience and education “to contribute to the fulfillment of the board’s objectives and its purpose.”

Ashland spoke about the continuing momentum of the military buildup and the growing demand for responsible and competent contractors. She said it’s essential that the Guam Contractors Licensing Board “fulfill its purpose  to protect the people of Guam in their dealings with persons engaged in the construction industry.”

James Martinez, the president of the Guam Contractors Association, testified in support of her nomination. He said Ashland’s work as a member of the contractors association “speaks volumes of her integrity and work ethic.”

Terlaje told Ashland, “Although none of my colleagues are here, your confirmation is just around the corner.”

Family background in construction

Matthew Cruz told the committee chair that he is “familiar with the construction industry.”  He said he comes from a construction background citing his parent’s ownership of a construction company. He promised to conduct himself “in an ethical and moral manner.”

Cruz is the vice president for business development at the Bank of Guam.

No objections were heard against either nominee. No other senators were present for the hearing, and Terlaje did not ask any questions. 

“I can assure you, a hundred percent, that my colleagues ... will approve your confirmation,” Terlaje said.

7-member board was down to 3

The contractors license board is a seven-member body that requires a quorum of four people to hold meetings and approve license renewals or issue new licenses.

However, four members resigned in September 2018, leaving the board unable to conduct its business.

The problem rose to the boiling point in June when contractor licenses come up for renewal. Nearly 700 applications were backed up waiting on a quorum.

The board was finally able to meet on July 31 when a fourth board member became available.

If Cruz and Ashland are confirmed, it will raise the number of board members to six.