Convicted drug dealer placed on electronic monitoring

DISTRICT COURT: The District Court of Guam is shown in this file photo. Peter John Babauta appeared before Magistrate Judge Joaquin Manibusan Jr. in the District Court on Wednesday. Post file photo

A man who was less than one year shy of completing his supervised release for selling meth on Naval Base Guam was placed on electronic monitoring after he tested positive for using drugs multiple times.

Defendant Peter John Babauta, who is represented by attorney Leilani Lujan, appeared before Magistrate Judge Joaquin Manibusan Jr. in the District Court of Guam on Wednesday.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Marivic David called for his supervised release to be revoked after he admitted to using meth on April 28. He tested positive for meth on May 29, and failed eight drug tests between May and June for using marijuana.

Babauta also failed to show up for drug testing at least four times in recent months.

"I would just like to say I've been ready to move forward. I had a little bumps here and there. It's nothing I can't fix," said Baubata, as he addressed the court.

"It's kind of sad if you are not around (for your children) and you are using drugs," the judge said. "We always want to leave something behind for our kids to look up to us ... otherwise, do you want them in the same position that you are?"

"No, sir," Babauta said.

"You are almost at the tip of saying goodbye to your supervised release," Manibusan said, as he warned the defendant.

Babauta was placed on electronic monitoring for nine months. That's when the case is scheduled to go up for disposition.

David told the court the government reserves the right to "change its mind" in allowing the defendant to remain out of jail if more violations surface. 

2012 arrest

Babauta was sentenced to one year and one day in the Bureau of Prisons after he pleaded guilty to distribution of methamphetamine within 100 feet of a public or private youth center.

He was then placed on supervised release for six years.

According to The Guam Daily Post files, Babauta admitted to selling three heat-sealed straws containing meth to an undercover Naval Criminal Investigative Service agent on Jan. 17, in front of the Morale, Welfare and Recreation Teen Center located in Naval Base Guam.

He was accused of distributing meth to an undercover NCIS agent on two occasions inside the base in January. Two more sales occurred in February; however, it turned out Babauta sold sham meth, court documents state.

Babauta was arrested Feb. 23 and admitted he had sold meth to several individuals on and off the base and that he sold a sham substance for $300 to the undercover agent.