Fatal stabbing suspect captured

VICTIM: Virginia Rose Peredo Laguana died after being fatally stabbed in Tamuning on Sunday. Courtesy Maelene Peredo on Facebook

The children of Virginia Rose Peredo Laguana, 39, tried to stop their mother from suffering more knife wounds and one of them ended up getting wounded on Sunday afternoon in their Tamuning apartment.

According to the prosecution in court documents, which charged John Richard Bass III with murder, the oldest of the children, 19, was cradling her bleeding mother when police arrived at their Tamuning apartment.

When an officer asked who attacked Virginia, the teen replied: "John Bass," according to the court documents.

Virginia Laguana had multiple, deep stab wounds all over her body.

An officer helped the 19-year-old daughter who had a laceration to the inner part of her left thigh, which continuously bled.

The mother did not have a pulse. One officer applied pressure to the stab wounds and another performed chest compressions.

The mother was pronounced dead shortly after her arrival at Guam Memorial Hospital. 

The stab wounds on the slain mother were on her chest, abdomen, left upper thigh, right elbow, right wrist, left upper arm left arm, right side of the left hand, and left backhand by the wrist, according to court documents.

On Sunday afternoon, the 19-year-old told police, she and her siblings heard their mother screaming.

They then saw Bass stabbing their mother. The children tried to pull Bass off of their mother. One punched Bass. Another child of the victim grabbed a picture frame and started hitting Bass.

They were initially successful defending their mother but Bass began stabbing Virginia again, according to the prosecution in court documents.

Bass would later drop the chef's knife. He ran from the apartment.

Before fleeing, Bass threatened the witnesses, "I swear if you call the cops," according to court documents.

A chef's knife with a bladed tip that appeared bent, and covered in blood, was found in the area where Virginia's body was first observed by the responding officers.

One day after the killing, Bass was captured in Yigo.

"He admitted to being involved in a relationship with Virginia. He admitted to being in the residence with Virginia on June 6, 2021. He refused to answer any questions about what happened to either Virginia or to (the victim's 19-year-old daughter). He admitted to repeatedly running from officers that were trying to apprehend him. When asked why he ran, he told the interviewing officer that he has a habit of running from the police," according to court documents.

This is developing.


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