Court documents: Man transiting through Guam found with 193 grams of meth in carry-on

Alejandro Vincent Tebit

A Saipan man who was transiting through the A.B. Won Pat International Airport terminal on Guam from Texas has been arrested and charged after 193 grams of meth was allegedly found in his carry-on bag.

The defendant had just arrived on Guam on Tuesday on a flight from Houston, Texas, via Honolulu.

During the inspection of the defendant's carry-on bag, a Guam Customs officer discovered four sealed Priority Mail flat rate boxes inside. From each box, officers recovered sealed plastic bags containing a crystalline substance, court documents state.

Officers tested the substance which yielded presumptive positive for amphetamines and weighed approximately 193 gross grams, Assistant Attorney General Courtney Leigh Scalice stated in a declaration filed in the Superior Court of Guam.

The defendant told Customs that he was returning to Saipan from Houston through Guam. While in Texas, he was asked to carry the meth and that he would be paid $6,000 once he returned to Saipan, court documents state.

He now faces multiple charges in the Superior Court involving the importation of a Schedule II controlled substance.

(Daily Post Staff)

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