A former government of Guam employee accused of stalking a woman known to him is competent to stand trial in the Superior Court of Guam.

Emmanuel John Cruz Aguon

Emmanuel John Cruz Aguon

Emmanuel John Cruz Aguon, 48, who was charged with advanced stalking as a second-degree felony, violation of a court order as a misdemeanor and harassment as a petty misdemeanor, had pleaded not guilty by reason of mental illness, disease or defect.

Presiding Judge Alberto Lamorena issued a decision stating that Aguon is fit to stand trial and rejected his plea. A forensic evaluation concluded Aguon is not experiencing any active psychotic symptoms.

On May 24, the victim allegedly told police the suspect showed up at her residence and was banging on the security door.

The victim also told authorities the suspect showed up at the residence at least two other times, documents state.

The suspect was convicted of harassment in a separate 2017 case.

Aguon was on pretrial release in connection with a separate misdemeanor case reported after he allegedly got into a dispute with co-workers at the governor’s complex in March. He has been fired from the Bureau of Statistics and Plans.  


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