She has recovered.

A Guam woman who shared her experience during the first week of her fight with COVID-19 has recovered and hasn't had symptoms of the virus since, but she said she will remain in isolation to ensure she and those around her are safe.

The recovered patient, who is not being named, had traveled to Makati in the Philippines during the first week of March. She began showing symptoms of the virus several days after she returned to Guam, and got tested.

During her first seven days, she said she experienced a dry cough, chills, pain in her chest, a fever as high as 101.8 degrees and difficulty breathing and sleeping, and said she suffered severe anxiety and headaches.

She stayed hydrated and used ibuprofen to manage her pain in those first few days.

It was on Day 5 that she got the call confirming she had tested positive for COVID-19.

Through a series of WhatsApp messages, she shared her experiences in the days that followed her positive diagnosis:

Day 8: Chest discomfort (cough beginning to come back). Headache seems to be trying to creep up on me.

I've seen better days, but I am GRATEFUL that I am home and not on a ventilator.

Day 9: Headache is in the background reminding me that all is not normal. It isn't nearly as bad as yesterday. Cough picked up in evening, phlegm feels thick and stuck but isn't coming out.

Day 10: Headache went from a 5 to a 12. It lasted for seven consistent, excruciating hours.

Day 11: Woke up without a headache! Headache back at noon.


By Day 12 of her sickness, the woman was cleared of COVID-19.

Day 12: Headaches in the afternoon were mild. DPHSS called to clear me per CDC nontesting guidelines.

Still not going anywhere as I don't feel 100% myself yet and since everyone is still learning together ... no one really knows if all is really clear without testing. Being responsible to protect those I love! Hard to sleep through the night. Headaches more mild.

Day 13: Received the letter. Still have traces of headaches, but I'd describe it as "background noise" at this point. Noticed headaches increase with stressful situations.

Day 14: I had a full night's sleep! Almost forgot how that felt! So grateful to wake up feeling refreshed. Ate breakfast, did light chores, cleaned up ... no sign of "background noise" as of 11 a.m.

Praying the worst is behind me. Personally, I'll be isolating myself until I feel completely normal.

Day 15: Still experiencing the "background noise" of the headaches but have not been on any medication. The days are getting better as they go along! Hoping and praying for the same outcome for all!

Day 16: While the symptoms have passed and I am feeling 95% better, it seems I am now dealing with anxiety. Because of all that I've gone through, in the past couple of weeks or so, I have now become extremely anxious in regards to my family and keeping them safe from afar. Wanting to keep them protected so that they can avoid everything I've gone through or worse has been weighing heavily on me as I feel helpless from here.

Although I've been given the all-clear, I'm skeptical as they are not retesting. I've decided to play it extra safe and avoid contact with anyone until I can be tested again.

This disease does not discriminate. If I had one message to share, it would be to PLEASE take this seriously and stay home for the sake of your health and the health of your loved ones. I'm considerably healthy and I just don't feel the elderly can fight this. Please stay home now so you can celebrate with ALL of your family members when this is all over.


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