Dededo resident fixes up ‘eyesore’ at Oka Point

FRESH COAT: Dededo resident Allen Kakas, 24, recently painted the surface of the popular lookout at Oka Point in Tamuning, after discovering the graffiti marring the property. Photo courtesy of Allen Kakas

A couple of weeks ago island residents and tourists visiting a lookout at Oka Point in Tamuning saw graffiti on the concrete ground surface. 

Today, those who stumble upon the site, a favored location to take photos and videos of the breathtaking view, despite it being private property, will be treated to a cleaner backdrop. The landowner, who previously has been cited for illegal dumping by uninvited visitors, also benefitted from the unsolicited cleanup. 

Allen Kakas, 24, who is from Dededo, recently painted the lookout gray, covering up the unsightly graffiti.

“I did the project at Oka Point because I used to go there with friends a couple years ago,” said Kakas. “And when I had gone there recently I noticed all the graffiti and inappropriate illustrations, which made me think all the families and couples, or anyone with a sensible mind, that come here, would appreciate it much more being able to enjoy this view without such an eyesore beneath their feet. As would I.”

He told The Guam Daily Post that his goal was to make the site — which attracts tourists in addition to local residents, surrounded by the bright blue and green colors of nature — much more enjoyable again.

“On Sunday, Sept. 11, when I got out of church, I went to my work, Home Depot in Tamuning, to purchase paint and materials and made my way down to Oka Point,” Kakas said. “There, I cleared what debris and foliage I could, and started painting over the graffiti in hopes to make the lookout just a little more pleasant.”

It took him about four hours to clean up the area, he said.

“I knew I needed to be fast so that the paint would be dry by sunset, because that's when most people would come to enjoy the view,” Kakas said.

He said this effort was self-funded.

“The materials purchased that day were out of my own pocket, but I really didn't mind,” he told the Post.


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