Congress urged: Look at Guam’s 'racial discrimination'

THE CAPITOL: The U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., is pictured Jan. 8. Reuters file photo

Del. Michael San Nicolas has announced that the House Armed Services Committee markup of the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act includes $403 million in buildup projects for Guam.

The measure now goes to the House floor for a vote and must then be reconciled with the Senate version of the defense spending package.

The full committee markup of H.R. 2500 includes the following spending projects for Guam:

- Joint Region Marianas Bachelor Enlisted Quarters: $164,100,000

- Joint Region Marianas Machine Gun Range: $91,287,000

- Joint Region Marianas Munitions Storage: $65,000,000

- Joint Region Marianas EOD Compound Facilities: $61,900,000

- Joint Region Marianas X-ray Wharf Refueling Facility: $19,200,000

- Unspecified project for USMC Guam Planning and Design: $2,000,000

'Buildup investment continues'

In a release announcing the markup, San Nicolas stated, "The buildup investment continues forward and I would like to thank HASC Chairman Adam Smith, my freshmen colleagues on the committee, and Readiness Subcommittee Chair John Garamendi, for opening their doors and offering their continued support for Guam's military agenda."