Dr. Faraz Ouhadi, of the Evergreen Clinic, said it’s been frustrating waiting for the COVID-19 vaccine and having to explain to patients that they cannot begin immunization efforts just yet.

“I know that Public Health is very busy,” Ohadi said. “But there’s a lack of communication.”

He said they’ve reached out to the Department of Public Health and Social Services but haven’t received clear instructions on what the clinic needs to do to get the vaccines.

“They don’t communicate with us and we don’t know who is in charge, who would make the final decision on which clinics get the vaccine and how many vaccines are going to be delivered and when is the date of delivery,” he said. “And what are the requirements? They have to tell us what are the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention requirements to be eligible to provide the vaccine to the community.”

Ouhadi specializes in internal medicine and geriatrics. He said some of his patients tried to line up at the Public Health vaccination clinic at Okkodo High School but the line was too long.

“There’s no way they can go to these places and wait for hours for the vaccine,” Ouhadi said.

For the last two weeks, he has reached out to Public Health and has been told that someone will call the clinic.

“It’s very frustrating to wait for someone to contact you and then nothing happens,” the doctor said.

Ouhadi said it would be in the best interest of the community and Public Health to provide all the clinics with the vaccines so they can get as many people vaccinated quickly.

“I deal with elderly, fragile people and I have many (patients) who would be eligible for the vaccine,” he said. “They’re calling our clinic every day and unfortunately we can’t tell them when we’re going to get it, how we’re going to administer it, how many we’ll get, who is going to get vaccinated.”

Janela Carrera, spokeswoman for Public Health, said they're working with FHP, Evergreen and United Healthcare so they can meet the vaccine's storage and handling requirements.

Meanwhile, American Medical Center received 300 doses. Health Services of the Pacific also received doses and is working with mayors to identify senior citizens who need the vaccination and who are homebound.

The Seventh-day Adventist Clinic will be provided with doses Sunday but it only wants 30 doses, according to Public Health.


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