The driver of a car that was found in a grassy area near a jungle in Mangilao allegedly told police he owns the illegal drugs in the vehicle.

Prosecutor Steven I. Haderlie stated in a Superior Court document filed Tuesday that police approached the car at 10:35 a.m. on July 28 after the driver's door was seen wide open.

The defendant, Joachim Fanoway, looked fidgety, his eyes were wide open and was seen holding a pair of scissors.

Police asked the defendant to put the scissors down and he eventually complied. 

"Inside the vehicle, police found drug paraphernalia, such as straws, a scale, and multiple baggies, some of which contained a white crystalline substance suspected to be methamphetamine," court documents state.

According to police, the defendant stated, “Sorry, sir, that’s my drug.” The defendant, according to court documents, stated he has been smoking “ice” since the l990s.

Fanoway was charged with possession of a Schedule II controlled substance.


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