A man accused of mailing a package with 8 pounds of methamphetamine from California to Guam is free. The court granted his request to get out of jail while waiting for the resolution of his case.

Andrew Manibusan, 37, has since pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to distribute 50 or more grams of meth.

District Court of Guam Magistrate Judge Michael Bordallo signed the order setting the conditions of his release on Wednesday.

Federal prosecutors previously opposed his release.

Jury selection and trial is scheduled for Oct. 26.


A search warrant was issued on May 25 for a package that was sent to a Santa Rita address from Antioch, California, according to Post files.

Investigators found the drugs in the package and tracked it after they replaced it with another substance.

Jose Pablo Ananich, a former officer with the Guam Police Department and Department of Corrections, allegedly picked it up on June 1.

Phone records show Manibusan had been in contact with Ananich, and that Manibusan received 32 money orders worth $1,000 each from Ananich, court documents state.

Ananich was arrested earlier this year in connection with a drug investigation, but no official charges have been filed against him in federal court.


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