The Guam Department of Education on Wednesday is expected to announce school readiness plans for the upcoming school year.

The press conference will be at 10:30 a.m at the Tiyan offices, according to a GDOE press release.

Education officials have been meeting with parents, teachers and staff to discuss options for the new school year. Those options will be discussed by the Guam Education Board, which is meeting today.

The board is expected to consider a plan that provides three options for parents and students:

Option 1.) Home learning online: For students and families who opt to stay home and have internet access, they can do online learning with teacher communication via email and telephone.

Option 2.) Home learning: For students and families who opt to stay home but don’t have computer or internet access, there will be materials available for them to pick up and take home to study. Teacher communication will be primarily telephone.

Option 3.) Return to campus: The last group includes students who want to return to learning on campus in a classroom setting. This group will be divided into thirds, and each group will attend classes on alternating days.

In addition to the board’s approval of the plan, GDOE officials need the approval of its safety standards handbook from the Department of Public Health and Social Services, as well as the authority from the governor to reopen schools. The new school year is expected to begin Aug. 11.


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