A final bash to end the summer of 2019 will be in full swing with electronic music fused together by local and international DJs.

The idea for the party came from electronic music fans asking for one last bump while coming down from the high of the main event, Electric Island Festival, officials stated in a press release. 

“This differs from Road to EIF and the Main because we really dress up the venue with summer festivities to bring that paradise vibe into the nightclub, which is rarely done with events in Guam," EIF Chief Executive Officer Jia Wang said. "It’s hot in Guam, but we still want to enjoy a bit of paradise so why not do it in a club where there’s aircon?"

The Electric Island Festival’s End of Summer Party — for those 18 and older — will be held Aug. 24 at the Globe Ultra Lounge in Tumon. 

This musical event follows the Road to EIF series and EIF's more recent participation in the 75th Liberation Day festivities. The seventh Electric Island Festival was a signature feature of the annual event – and the various local talents attracted a large crowd that had the Paseo peninsula jumping.

And while the End of Summer Party aims to keep up the energy, Wang is switching some things up to make the night of electronic music, well, electric. 

“The strategy behind our End of Summer lineup is aimed to showcase talents from Asia while stacking the rest with local electronic music DJs to give them a platform to showcase this type of music genre,” Wang said.

“Aside from EIF events, there aren't too many events on island that draw 800-plus people exclusively for dance music. So being able to continue to give local electronic music DJs this platform is key to our success and growth of this music genre in Guam.” 

DJ Q’Bass, probably the most senior DJ, will open the night with proper house music, a rare treat for Guam partygoers. Next, Guam’s newest female DJ to hit the scene, Kitty, will bring the low vibrations with some electric bass music. 

“We’re excited for her EIF event debut,” Wang said.

DJ Jay Edwards will pick the energy back up with a display of tech-house and bounce — otherwise known as crooner Jose Untalan from local band Pop Rocks and Soda.

“His DJ alias outside of his band shows just how much talent the local music scene has,” Wang says.

One of Manila’s high-demand crowd pleasers, Kat DJ, will take it home for the summer.

“I’ve been told by many to book her, but never had the chance to make it happen until this time,” Wang said.

She’ll be setting off peak-time energy that EIF fans love and have come to expect. “It’s our signature move,” Wang adds.

Doors open at 9 p.m. for the fourth installment of the end of summer celebration, brought to you by partners Budweiser, Bacardi, Grey Goose, SixT Rent a Car, Hit Radio 100, Crowns Guam, Tribe Marianas and Salinas Beautiworks.