A deal was reached the same day former Department of Corrections officer Darren Jared Carandang Cruz was set to go to trial in the Superior Court of Guam.

Cruz was charged in connection with a Yona home invasion and kidnapping reported in 2016.

Jury selection for the trial was set to begin in Judge Michael Bordallo's courtroom on Monday morning, however, the trial was canceled because Cruz decided to take the government's plea deal.

Details of this latest plea agreement have not been disclosed. Post files state Cruz declined an earlier plea deal.

A copy of the most recent agreement was not filed with the court following Monday's hearing.

Cruz is expected back in court for a change-of-plea hearing on Aug. 22.

Cruz had worked at the Department of Corrections for about a year prior to the incident.

October 2016 incident

Cruz was accused of forcing a man and woman known to him into an abandoned mansion in Yona at knifepoint one evening. Once there, Cruz physically assaulted the man, court documents state.

Court files allege that after the assault, Cruz walked the pair back to their residence and told the two that he had a sick mind. According to Post files, Cruz also told the man he did not trust him and that if he went to the police, Cruz would kill him and his parents.