No jail time for ex-DOC lieutenant accused in contraband conspiracy

HEARING: Prison drug smuggling case defendants Jeff Limo, left, and Jerome Taimanglo San Nicolas enter the courtroom of Superior Court Judge Anita Sukola in Hagåtña in November. David Castro/The Guam Daily Post

The former head of internal affairs at the Department of Corrections is cooperating with the FBI, as he completes the terms of his plea agreement in a major contraband smuggling case uncovered in 2017 at the prison.

Jeffrey Limo, a former DOC lieutenant, along with several of his co-defendants, appeared before Superior Court of Guam Judge Anita Sukola on Monday.

Details of his cooperation with the FBI were not disclosed in court.

Limo pleaded guilty to official misconduct as a misdemeanor in August and awaits sentencing.

"He's probably finished with half of his plea agreement provision?" said Judge Sukola.

"Your Honor, we believe we are finished with all of it. We've met with the FBI for cooperation. We would like to move for unsupervised release," said defense attorney Jon Ramos.

"Hold on. I just want to make sure that we are all under control," said Sukola.

"Especially with (co-defendant) Liana Cabrera still out there."

"So, just to verify, we are still on supervised probation?" said Ramos.

"Yes. The difference between him and the other co-actor (Frankie) Rosalin is that he was the head of internal affairs investigation. I hope you understand. We do have two or three other people that need to take a plea, too," Sukola said.

'Set up to be a fall guy'

Limo is appealing his termination with the Civil Service Commission. His attorney in that appeal previously said that Limo was “set up to be a fall guy.”

According to the indictment, Limo was accused of transferring inmates Shawn Johnson and Bruno Simmons from one area of the prison to another “in exchange for consideration” and bribes.

Limo was also accused of arranging for Simmons to be allowed visitation with a person from outside the prison against standard procedure, and corresponded with Ronald Meno to transfer prisoners within the facility, Post files state.

One text message from Johnson to an individual who identified himself as “Juan” revealed that Johnson said he paid Limo $2,000 for a unit transfer and that Limo was “his ticket out of there,” documents state.

More plea deals

Several of the co-defendants have since taken a plea deal with the government and await sentencing. A sentencing hearing is set for Dec. 24.

Former DOC officers Edward Manuel Crisostomo and Jerome Taimanglo San Nicolas are expected to plead guilty to certain charges filed against them.

"I am eager to close this, just like all of the cases pending before the court," said Sukola.

Liana Cabrera's defense attorney Ana Gayle told the court that she has been in contact with her client via email.

Cabrera remains off island. It was said in a previous court hearing that she was picked up by the FBI in Texas.

Nothing was said about when she’d be returning to Guam. It was said in court that Cabrera has an outstanding drug warrant for a separate case from 2016.

The defendants are expected to return to court for a further proceedings hearing on Nov. 25.

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