A man who was accused of breaking into the home of a family known to him and stealing about $20,000 worth of electronics, money and jewelry won’t have to spend any more time in the Department of Corrections.

Matthew Roy Aguon Sablan, 36, got a two-year suspended prison sentence by Superior Court of Guam Judge Arthur Barcinas on Thursday.

“I just want to apologize,” said Sablan. “ I know it doesn’t mean anything at this point. I’ve done it. But I have changed, and I am sorry.”

Sablan had pleaded guilty to burglary as a second-degree felony.

Barcinas shared his surprise after one of the victims asked the court to show the defendant leniency, but added that he still wants Sablan to stay away and pay restitution.

“I have never seen a victim come in here and say we are OK with mercy, judge,” Barcinas said.

The court ordered Sablan to stay 1,000 feet away from the victims during his one year of supervised probation.

“It’s a long road back to rebuilding trust. A very long road,” Barcinas said. “I appreciate that the victim took the time not just to reflect on the impact on you and your family, but literally took the time to come in and express his non-opposition to the lenient request. I have never seen a victim do that.”

According to Post files, Sablan admitted to police that he broke into and robbed the home of a family known to him in May 2018.

Sablan told authorities that he used a claw hammer and a screwdriver to break the home's glass louvers on the front door, court documents state.

He along with two accomplices, were accused of stealing electronics, money and jewelry that the victim estimated to be worth up to $20,000. The goods were then sold to a pawn shop for $2,000, which Sablan split with his partners.


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