Rossane Ikertang returned home from work but wasn’t greeted by her dog, Zeus, who usually barks like crazy until she gives him attention.

Instead, she found him beaten and his snout covered in blood.

“It was really gruesome,” Ikertang said. “I don’t know what type of person can do that stuff.”

Four or five large rocks and a broken cinder block with Zeus’ blood were found next to him as he lay helpless.

“There was so much blood everywhere,” she said.

The Dededo resident called the police, but they never came. Her 7-year-old daughter saw Zeus’ condition and cried herself to sleep.

“I guess it’s not an emergency because he’s not a human,” stated Ikertang, who said she waited until after 2 a.m. for an officer to come to the house but no one ever showed up.

“I understand (they) have to prioritize the calls, but at least give me a call to let me know,” she added.

Frustrated and not knowing where to turn to for help, she posted on social media and immediately received messages from Guahan Paws for Pets and Tinamarie Guzman who offered help.

On Wednesday, Zeus was seen by a veterinarian who said the injuries to the dog’s mouth were much more extensive than Ikertang originally thought.

“They hit him so hard that his teeth shifted in his mouth. His left eye is so swollen, he can barely see out of it,” she said.

Zeus, a half pitbull, half boonie dog, is tied up at the Ikertang home. His chain doesn’t reach the road, so she believes whoever was responsible for the beating came into her yard with the intent to attack her dog.

“I wish them the same pain but times it by 1,000. He’s just a dog to them, but he’s part of my family,” she said.

She's asking anyone in the community who has information to come forward. Anyone with information is asked to contact Guam Animals In Need, Guahan Paws for Pets, or Guam police at 472-8911.

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