The FBI executed several search warrants in the CNMI today, but details of the ongoing investigation are not being released at this time.

FBI Honolulu Special Agent Jason White confirms with The Guam Daily Post that the FBI conducted several search warrants today, but would not confirm whether the raids included the CNMI Governor’s office.

Several sources confirmed with the Post that Gov. Ralph Torres' home, vehicle, and office were among the places that were raided. 

Alfred Yue of Marianas Consultancy Services LLC and Legend Realty were also among the places the FBI executed search warrants on Thursday. 

White could not confirm the locations of the raids and whether anything was taken.

The CNMI Office of the Governor issued a statement today through Chief of Staff Angel Demapan. 

"The Office of the Governor received a search warrant and is currently being inspected by federal agents. The Office of the Governor is fully cooperating with the investigation and is confident that any resulting findings will see that there is no reason for concern. The Governor’s Office respects the process and will provide additional information as it becomes available."

When asked if Gov. Torres or any of his staff were taken in for questioning and if today's raids impacted operations at the governor's office, Demapan responded, "We understand the questions and concerns of the community, but we remain committed to preserving the integrity of the ongoing process. We will continue to provide full cooperation and look forward to a positive clarification of this issue."

Torres' chief of staff added, "We would also like to assure all our citizens and residents that this has not affected any of our government operations and delivery of public services."

During a press conference on Thursday afternoon, Lt. Gov. Arnold Palacios said the governor has provided "full access" to his office.

“We have provided them with all the information and access that they have asked for. We have been completely transparent and helpful with the investigation," stated Palacios. “This has not slowed down any of our government operations or ongoing initiatives that we have undertaken to improve the economy, and the lives of our people.”

Palacios said Gov. Torres had taken the afternoon off after spending the morning at the hospital for a family member's medical procedure and then meeting with federal law enforcement.

CNMI Representative Edwin Propst told The Guam Daily Post that he and other lawmakers have not been informed of anything regarding the raid. 

"We are in the dark. Not just the community but the Legislature as well," he said. "We all want to know what is going on. I think we are all concerned."

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