Doctor: Malpractice allegation false

COURT: Dr. Ruben Arafiles hopes to clear his name in a lawsuit that alleges medical malpractice. He denied wrongdoing in a surgery that led to a lawsuit by the patient. He described the lawsuit's allegations as blatantly false. Post file photo

Federal authorities and the wife of former Navy contractor Michael Louis McCarron were called to testify via video conference during McCarron's evidentiary hearing in the District Court of Guam on Wednesday.

McCarron stands accused of using his computer to send naked photos of himself to someone he thought was an underage girl, but who was actually an undercover agent, in 2017.

He is set to go to trial on October 29.

The hearing on Wednesday was a result of new allegations made by the FBI. Federal authorities said the defendant posted advertisements of himself and his wife on an escort website, violating the conditions set by the court to not possess or use a device with internet access.

FBI special agent Jason Benedetti testified from Spokane, Washington that he came across a website where the McCarrons allegedly had advertised sex in exchange for money.

During his investigation, he uncovered about 200 advertisements by the defendant that date back to April of this year.

McCarron's defense

McCarron's attorney, John Gorman, asked the FBI agent about emails he sent to the U.S. Probation officer in Boise, Idaho, when he made the discovery. Gorman said his defense, based on the emails, is that not his client McCarron, but McCarron's wife Linnea was the one who posted the advertisements.

A U.S. Probation officer in the District of Guam, Trina Duenas, said the postings appear to be linked to Michael McCarron.

Duenas learned about McCarron's violation from Crystal Ellenburg, a U.S. Probation officer in the District of Idaho.

Gorman got each of the government's witnesses to confirm that they could not pinpoint who posted the advertisements of the McCarrons.

McCarron's wife, Linnea, also testfied from Spokane.

"Who made those postings?" Gorman asked.

Judge Manibusan stopped the defendant from answering, telling her she is subjecting herself to potential criminal liability.

"She needs to understand her rights," Manibusan said.

"Is it illegal to post that you are looking for somebody without money?" Linnea McCarron asked.

Instead of proceeding, Manibusan gave her until Nov. 8 to find an attorney who could assist her before she again testified under oath.

The evidentiary hearing was continued to Nov. 8.

The U.S. Marshals Service brought McCarron from Boise to Guam last month.

He’s pleaded not guilty to charges of attempted enticement of a minor and attempted transfer of obscenity to a minor.

McCarron was picked up by federal authorities following an online undercover sex sting operation. McCarron in October 2017 began electronic communications via Craigslist with an undercover agent posing as a 13-year-old girl.


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