Feds seize 12 guns from  ex-police officer's house

ATF: Three Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents are seen in an undisclosed location stateside. The ATF seized 12 guns and ammunition from a former Guam police officer's house in Yigo. Courtesy ATF

Twelve guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition were confiscated at the Yigo residence of a former Guam Police Department officer who was arrested recently in connection with a federal drug investigation.

Federal records show that agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives seized five pistols, four rifles and three shotguns from the house of Jose Pablo Ananich on June 2, the day after he was taken into custody.

The total value of the guns was $7,525. When the ammunition is added, the total amount of items seized was valued at $8,127.

The ATF gave notice that the property listed below was seized for federal forfeiture for alleged violation of federal law:

  • 6,028 rounds of assorted ammunition, valued at $602 
  • Aero Precision AP15 rifle, valued at $900
  • Glock GMBH 26Gen4 pistol, valued at $400
  • Glock 27 pistol, valued at $475
  • Izhmash IJ -12 shotgun, valued at $675
  • Marlin Firearms Co. 1895SDG rifle, valued at $1,400
  • Marlin Firearms Co. 336CS rifle, valued at $475
  • Mossberg 500 shotgun, valued at $200
  • Remington Arms 1100 shotgun, valued at $400
  • Savage A17 rifle, valued at $300 
  • Sig Sauer P226 pistol, valued at $700
  • Sig Sauer P229 pistol, valued at $600
  • Sig Sauer MPX pistol, valued at $1,000

No charges have been filed against Ananich, a former police officer and former Department of Corrections officer. His case is confidential in the District Court of Guam after federal prosecutors told the court that law enforcement continues to look into other individuals involved in an ongoing drug trafficking investigation.

The Guam Daily Post confirmed that Ananich was released from DOC on July 2.

Additional details about the investigation were made public following the filing of drug charges against Andrew Philip Manibusan in the Northern District of California on June 15.

Manibusan’s case has since been transferred to Guam.

Manibusan was indicted on July 23 on charges of conspiracy to distribute 50 or more grams of methamphetamine.

He is scheduled to answer the charges on Aug. 3 before Magistrate Judge Michael Bordallo.

Drug investigation

According to the complaint filed against Manibusan, Judge Bordallo issued a search warrant on May 25 for a package that was sent to a Santa Rita address from Antioch, California.

Investigators found nearly 8 pounds of methamphetamine in the package. The court then put a GPS tracking device on it and had the package delivered to the address.

The feds monitored the package, as it was picked up on June 1 by Ananich, the complaint states.

Ananich then allegedly took the package with him to his Yigo residence, at which time federal agents were alerted that it had been opened.

Investigators found Ananich inside a shipping container allegedly burning the package.

Authorities also found a glass pipe and cellphone in Ananich's pants during a search, documents state.

Phone records show Manibusan had been in contact with Ananich, and that Manibusan received 32 money orders for $1,000 each from Ananich, documents state.


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