Feds seize over 18 pounds of meth in mail searches

SEIZURE: Federal authorities weigh 2,342 grams of crystal methamphetamine in three plastic bags following the seizure of the drugs from a U.S. Postal Service priority package in September 2018. From September 2020 to February, federal law enforcement have seized over 18 pounds of meth and 614 grams of marijuana mailed to the island. Photo courtesy of the District Court of Guam

In the last six months, federal law enforcement seized over 18 pounds of methamphetamine and 614 grams of marijuana in mail packages intended for drug distribution on the island.

Multiple search warrants executed by the U.S. Postal Service and other federal law enforcement agencies were filed with the District Court of Guam on Wednesday.

The most recent seizures occurred in February.

On Feb. 17, 355 grams of meth was seized in a package sent from Chula Vista, California, to a home along Chalan La Chance in Yigo.

The drugs were hidden in vacuum-sealed bags that were wrapped in bubble wrap, water filters and plastic cling wrap.

Federal authorities also seized 885 grams of meth they found hidden in powdered donuts and U.S. Postal Service holiday envelopes in a package sent from San Diego, California, to a mailbox in Dededo.

On Feb. 16, 447 grams of meth was seized in a package that contained Hot Wheels cars, bubble wrap, brown paper, carbon paper and vacuum-sealed bags. The parcel was sent from Silverdale, Washington, and was addressed to a mailbox in Agat.

In December, postal inspectors and Homeland Security Investigations seized two parcels.

On Dec. 22, 2020, 226 grams of meth was seized from a parcel intended for a residence in Mangilao. Authorities found the drugs hidden in the package that also contained word-search books, crayons, highlighters, mechanical pencils, coloring books and two clocks.

On Dec. 9, authorities discovered over 4 pounds, or 1,852 grams, of meth in a package listed as containing autobody parts. Instead, investigators found a white box with vacuum-sealed bags, paper towels and brown paper. The parcel was addressed to an individual at a vehicle audio shop in Hagåtña and the sender put an address in Utah.

Four separate packages were seized in a single day in November.

Over 5 pounds of meth was seized on Nov. 17, hidden in a package that contained shop rags, carbon paper, bubble wrap and ceramic plates. A total of 2,390 grams of the drug was seized. The parcel was shipped from Spring, Texas, to a mailbox in Tamuning.

The same day, 153 grams of meth was found concealed in a Brita replacement water filter with newspaper, carbon paper and charcoal. The package was sent from Las Vegas, Nevada, and was intended for a home along Rosita Lane in Dededo.

Authorities also discovered 887 grams of meth in a package addressed to a home along Chandiha Street in Dededo. The meth was hidden in bubble wrap and plastic plates, and was sent from an individual in Spring, Texas.

Another 999 grams of meth was hidden in a coffee maker sent from Spring to a home along Chalan Biranka in Talofofo.

On Sept. 17, authorities seized 614 grams of marijuana they discovered in a package sent from California to a Tamuning mailbox.

There are no public records that criminal charges have been filed against any defendants in the various drug seizures.


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