$1.5M in federal aid checks processed, mailed

'SO HAPPY': Herriza Tincher receives her federally funded COVID-19 economic impact payment check after visiting the Tamuning post office on May 17. "I am so happy right now because I have to pay my bills," Tincher said. Post file photo

Crowds of people wasted no time checking their mailboxes on Wednesday to see if they received their Economic Impact Payment checks.

“Finally!” said Jimmie Zamuco, as he walked out of the Tamuning Post Office on Wednesday afternoon with his check in hand. “It feels great.”

Zamuco said the past several weeks have been tough for him and his family. He’s since applied for public assistance to help them stay afloat.

The relief check, he said, has been worth the wait.

“It will help with my rent, bills and food,” he said, as he shares this message to the government of Guam: “Thank you very much. Hopefully, we can receive a second round.”

This first round of COVID-19 relief checks – $1,200 for each adult and $2,400 for couples – were funded by the federal government under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act. Those who have dependent children are to receive $500 for each child. The government of Guam received the federal funding and the Department of Revenue and Taxation cut the checks.

The parking lots at post offices across the island have been busy. The lines of people were nonstop since the Department of Revenue and Taxation announced Tuesday that $75.9 million in EIP checks have been processed and 40,000 are in the mail.

“I’m going to use it to pay my bills. I am behind and a lot of us are behind on payments. We’ve been waiting for this to come in,” said a man named Tom, who only had plans to get his water bill at the post office.

He got an unexpected surprise when he opened up the envelope that contained a check for $1,200.

It’s some financial help for people like Tom who also said the pandemic over the past several weeks has left him scared at times.

“Many who have been staying home have been scared to come out and even pay their bills because of the virus. I was worried when I go out and check my worksite to make sure it’s not being vandalized. But for the most part, I stayed home,” he said. “Now that I got my check, I can pay my bills.”

Herriza Tincher couldn’t hold back her excitement as she showed this reporter her check as well.

“I am so happy right now because I have to pay my bills,” said Tincher. “It’s been tough because they cut my hours at work.”

She’s relieved the financial assistance has arrived.

“Thank you so much. Thank you to the governor of Guam. This will help me,” she said.

“It feels good so I can pay my bills because I am way behind on my payments,” said Kim Mai, who also got his check in the mail Wednesday.

But dozens more continue to wait to receive their money.

“No check yet,” said Del Nucum. “It’s a big help for everyone. It’s been a struggle with everyone out of work. So this will help with all the bills we’ve been backed up with.”

He, along with others who walked out of the post office without a check, plan to return.

“Not yet. Maybe tomorrow,” said one local resident.

To those still waiting to get their check, Tom said, “Just be patient. It will be there.”

Rev and Tax states checks may also be garnished for child support payments.


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