Fired historic preservation officer's hearing wrapping up

AGUON: Lynda Aguon, the former Guam state historic preservation officer, was questioned by Assistant Attorney General Donna Lawrence at the Civil Service Commission in Hagåtña on Oct. 29. Norman M. Taruc/The Guam Daily Post

The hearing on former Guam state historic preservation officer Lynda Aguon's appeal before the Guam Civil Service Commission to get her job back is close to wrapping up. A final witness will be called and closing arguments are expected to proceed today.

The hearing began in late October. 

At the continuation of the hearing Tuesday morning, attorney John Bell, Aguon's counsel, attempted to play audio recording that he said was direct evidence of Assistant Attorney General Donna Lawrence "essentially putting words into the witness' mouth." 

Lawrence conducted the investigation that ultimately led to Aguon's termination. 

However, CSC Administrative Law Judge Eric Miller denied the playback, to Bell's objections. 

"Because you told me I would be able to play this audio, there's questions I would have asked my witness had I known I would not be able to play this," Bell said. 

Lawrence objected to Bell's characterization of her. 

Bell was allowed to play audio that he said shows Lawrence suggesting to a witness that Aguon was acting unprofessionally. 

Lawrence can be heard interviewing the witness about an altercation and asked if the witness believed Aguon acted unprofessionally toward her subordinate. The witness agreed. 

Bell was also allowed to play audio that he said showed Lawrence suggesting the words unsafe and hostile to a witness. Lawrence is heard asking if the witness believed her work environment could be hostile. 

Aguon was fired in June. An attorney who represented Aguon at the time said Aguon had indicated she believes that her dismissal was retaliation for her outspoken criticism of the military buildup.

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