Business at the airport quickly went back to normal yesterday, after a few early morning flights were canceled at the height of the storm.

John “JQ” Quinata, deputy executive manager of A.B. Won Pat International Airport, said flights coming in from Manila, Japan and Korea from midnight to 4 a.m. were canceled.

In total, seven flights, affecting about 1,260 passengers, were canceled. Four were departing and three were arriving.

He said the airport worked to get the word out as soon as possible to tour agencies, so passengers wouldn’t be dropped off at the airport.

“The hotels were prepared to have them stay over one more night,” Quinata said.

The first flight out after the storm was Tuesday morning’s 7:20 to Honolulu.

The first flight in was Jeju Air’s noon arrival from Korea.

Quinata said airlines often send “rescue flights” or larger aircraft to take people who were stranded and to catch up with their normal schedule.

“The airport never closed down,” he said, adding that debris on the tarmac and aprons and runways was cleared quickly to ensure planes could take off and land.

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