The Guam Department of Education will continue food commodities distribution under the U.S. Department of Agriculture, in partnership with community organizations.

Commodities are provided, in bags and in bulk, to community organizations. Organizations will distribute food commodities directly to the clients and households they serve. 

The following is a schedule of food commodities to be picked up by organizations: 

Feb. 22: Sanctuary Inc., 30 bags 

Feb. 22: Toge, 64 bags 

Feb. 23: Sisters of Mercy, 53 bags

Feb. 23: Adult day care, 170 bags 

Feb. 24: Catholic Social Service, 703 bags

Feb. 25: St. Dominic's Senior Care Home, 148 bags

Feb. 25: Oasis Empowerment Center, 64 bags

Feb. 26: Westcare Pacific Islands, 114 bags

Feb. 26: Salvation Army, 300 bags


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