Former altar boys, student sue for $25M

ABUSE: San Isidro Church in Malojloj is shown in this file photo. A former priest from the church faces multiple allegations of sexual abuse. Post file photo

Two men who once served as altar boys and were Boy Scouts filed civil complaints in the District Court of Guam against the Archdiocese of Agana and the Boy Scouts of America.

The suits, filed by Attorney David Lujan, seek $10 million each in damages for alleged sexual abuse they endured at the hands of Louis Brouillard, a priest who worked in Guam for several decades and also served as a Boy Scoutmaster.

A.M., now 56, alleges Brouillard exposed himself to altar boys at San Isidro Catholic Church in Malojloj in 1972.

The complaint alleges the priest would talk about pornography and then sexually molest the boys, including A.M., while at the convent after Boy Scout practice, or after serving Mass.

Once the sexual abuse began, A.M. would regularly wear two pairs of jeans whenever he was around Brouillard, the lawsuit states.

The priest allegedly took the boys to Johnston Theatre in Tamuning for the purpose of "growing the minors to be comfortable with sexuality and make them amenable to Brouillard's acts of molestation," court documents state.

During swimming and camping outings with the Boy Scouts, the sexual abuse continued and A.M. alleges that during one outing, Brouillard went into his tent to sexually abuse him, but the boy escaped through the other end of the tent.

'Get over it. It will pass'

On another occasion, A.M. took a shower at the rectory before going to the movies with Brouillard and the other altar boys. The complaint alleges Brouillard raped the boy in the shower and when the boy said he was going to leave and tell his grandmother, the priest allegedly told him, "Get over it. It will pass."

D.M., now 56, was 9 when he was allegedly abused by Brouillard.

The sexual abuse and molestation occurred while D.M. was an altar boy at San Isidro Catholic Church in Malojloj and also joined the Boy Scouts.

The alleged abuse occurred at the convent where Brouillard allegedly fondled, masturbated and performed oral sex on D.M. and other altar boys.

At the direction of Brouillard, D.M. and others were forced to masturbate and perform oral sex on the priest, court documents state.

As a reward, the priest would take the boys to eat at the Country Club in Ipan and at McDonald's.

D.M. alleges the sexual abuse and molestation continued during times when he spent the night at the rectory to prepare for early morning Mass and during car rides when Brouillard would drop him home.

Brouillard now resides in Minnesota and has previously admitted to sexually abusing boys while assigned to parishes in Guam.

Abuse at San Vicente

A third lawsuit, filed by a man using the initials K.Q., 44, alleges Ray Techaira sexually abused him while he was a student at San Vicente Catholic School.

At that time, Techaira was a teacher at San Vicente and a priest at Nino Perdido Y Sagrada Familia Catholic Church in Asan.

The complaint states that during school hours, K.Q. and four other boys got in trouble and were disciplined.

The lawsuit alleges Techaira ordered the boys to drop their pants and fondled and kissed the boys' private parts.

K.Q. is seeking a minimum of $5 million in damages.