A former Boy Scout says he was ordered to swim naked during Boy Scout outings in the late 1960s and witnessed a priest, who also was a scoutmaster, sexually abuse other scouts.

B.Q.V., who is using his initials to protect his identity, filed a civil complaint against the Capuchin Franciscans and the Boy Scouts of America, alleging he was subjected to the sexually predatory practices of the late Louis Brouillard when he served as a priest and boy scoutmaster on Guam.

B.Q.V. attended church in Mangilao and was a Boy Scout when he was 10 years old.

He recalled visiting the Lonfit River four or five times a month during Boy Scout outings over three years.

“On numerous occasions, too many to count, B.Q.V. witnessed Brouillard fondle the genitals of the other Boy Scouts,” the lawsuit states.

B.Q.V. says he was able to pull away from Brouillard when he attempted to abuse him.

While he enjoyed being in the Boy Scouts to earn badges for camping, cooking, hiking, swimming and weaving coconut leaves, B.Q.V. says that when he saw Brouillard abusing the other boys, he sensed that it was wrong, and it was one of the reasons he left the Scouts.

The plaintiff’s attorney, Michael Berman, alleges the Franciscans and Boy Scouts violated the trust and confidence placed in them and negligently continued to retain Brouillard as a priest and scoutmaster, enabling him to continue engaging in sexually abusive and predatory behavior, court documents state.

The lawsuit seeks $5 million in damages.