John Richard Bass III

John Richard Bass III

John Richard Bass III seemed like a friendly, successful and approachable man, according to his former girlfriend, Beaudy Camacho, who had a temporary restraining order filed against him in 2018.

Camacho spoke with The Guam Daily Post after she learned Bass was the suspect in Sunday’s deadly stabbing in Tamuning.

Bass was sought in the stabbing death of another woman who had a relationship with Bass. The victim, 39-year-old Virginia Rose Peredo Laguana, succumbed to multiple stab wounds. A 19-year-old was wounded in the attack.

“It was heartbreaking because I even remember telling the police: 'You’re just going to wait for him to kill someone.' And unfortunately, that’s the situation we’re dealing with now, where people have lost a loved one,” said Camacho.

In September 2018, Camacho filed a complaint for a temporary and permanent injunction against Bass, alleging the defendant committed assault, battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress, court documents state.

Bass did not admit to the allegations but voluntarily agreed to stay away from her for two years.

In April 2019, Judge Elyze Iriarte ordered that Bass not threaten, abuse, annoy, harass or disturb the peace and physical well-being of Camacho, as well as stay 500 feet away from her residence and place of employment at all times.

The couple met on Facebook in November 2017.

“I invited him to a party for work and he came as my date. Unfortunately, this is his pattern. He has done the same thing to multiple women and then chooses to get into a serious relationship with the one who provides him more security, meaning: transportation, food, home, sex, comfort and cash. I didn’t realize how he was in the beginning because I was working and running a business at the same time, but when I’d come home, he’d be there and had not contributed to chores, would leave the house a mess, had been playing on my child’s game console the entire day or I’d find him in really weird situations. This also included him talking to me from one of his fake Facebook profiles under the name 'Franklin Paras.'"

Photos have also circulated on social media of a death announcement for Bass last year.

'Fake obituary'

“This fake profile was also the account that issued his fake obituary in October 2020 that is going around as well, which he also most likely crafted for himself,” she said.

It was only three months into the relationship that Camacho said she tried to end it.

After she uncovered his lies, she broke up with him, but she still offered to get him assessed at the Guam Behavioral Health and Wellness Center.

"And when he refused, I kicked him out of my house,” she said.

“He was never violent while we were in a relationship. He just acted like a child whenever he didn’t get what he wanted and then attempted suicide in front of me twice, which resulted in me filing for a restraining order against him.”

After they broke up, Camacho said, she was stalked at her workplace, and endured thousands of spoof calls a day and digital and social media harassment. She said appliances and groceries were also taken from her home during break-ins.

'Locked up for two weeks or so'

Despite the court order, Camacho contends that Bass had contacted her five times since May 2019 with the latest WhatsApp message sent on May 30, 2020, which she ignored.

She recalls being upset at the moment she heard the news about the stabbing, as she believes this tragedy could have been prevented.

“I woke up from a nap to phone calls and WhatsApp messages about the situation and immediately my blood boiled because of the flashbacks I had about reporting all his numerous restraining order violations, over the stalking period,” she said. “In 2018, I was able to get community assistance and assistance from the court marshals when I saw that he had an active warrant for arrest against the courts. But even after that arrest, none of my restraining order issues were added on to his time served and he was only locked up for two weeks or so.”


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