Quinton Bezon, a former Navy sailor who was convicted for the sexual assault of a woman in 2015, was denied his request for another reduction to his sentence.

Bezon, who given a two-year sentence reduction from the initial four-year sentence in March, requested again that his time in prison be reduced down to one year.

Bezon was found him guilty of third- and fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct.

He faced a maximum sentence of nine years in prison, but ultimately was sentenced to two years after re-sentencing.

"The court finds that the difference of seven years of imprisonment in Bezon's favor is more than enough to indicate the court's leniency," Judge Michael Bordallo states. "The fact that the court has allowed two separate sentences to run concurrently and not consecutively further demonstrates the tolerance of the court."

Bezon provided the court with witness testimony from family members that claim his imprisonment is a direct cause for the emotional and financial hardship his family is experiencing.

"Although the court is sympathetic to these emotional and financial hardships ... the court finds that justice for all parties involved will not be upheld if Bezon's sentence is reduced," the court order states.

According to Post files, Bezon was out with a group of friends drinking in Tumon one night in October 2015 when he and a woman in the group, whom he didn't know prior to that night, ended up sleeping in the same bed. They were among a group that rented a hotel room. She later accused him of sexually assaulting her.

The defendant has previously admitted there was sexual contact between him and the woman, but when the woman indicated she didn't want to go any further, Bezon said he stopped. The woman's wife later reported the sexual encounter to police, he said previously.

Bezon filed an appeal at the Supreme Court of Guam. In his appeal, Bezon said the Superior Court of Guam didn’t allow him to make a statement during sentencing. The high court affirmed the conviction but reversed Bezon's sentence and ordered that his sentence be revisited.

Bezon was stationed on Guam aboard the submarine repair ship USS Frank Cable before he was accused and convicted of sexual assault.

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