A small crowd watched as the first patrons of the Micronesia Mall’s newest food establishment picked up two brown paper bags and a drink that had cotton candy attached to the straw.

Owner Fidel Ferrer, during Saturday’s soft opening, said the food and drinks served at Potato N' Cloud are a whimsical mix of “things me and my wife enjoy eating.” A grand opening will be held today from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

True to its name, the dishes you’ll find at Potato N' Cloud are primarily fries that are cut straight, shoestring or wedge. There’s also a sweet potato option. The cloud is the cotton candy that they attach to your drink.

The shoestring fries can be flavored with an assortment of spices, from barbecue and creamy wasabi to honey sriracha and salted egg.

“We wanted it to be fun,” he said, adding that his wife is the mastermind behind some of their unique fried potato dishes, which include the more traditional Cheesy Fries as well as Classy Fries - think nachos but with potato wedges.

There’s also a potato twist on some popular Asian dishes, like the Takoyaki, Pork Sisig and Teriyaki fries. Or if you want something sweeter, there’s the Nutella Ice Cream dish, which has the popular hazelnut-chocolate spread with a scoop of ice cream on top of, you guessed it, fries.

Norman Analista, clothing designer and flood blogger with the Instagram name Designer Eats Guam, was among the first customers of the soft opening.

He and his son Ashton, ordered the Takoyaki fries, and the Pork Sisig Fries. He enjoyed both dishes but was surprised at the pork sisig, poured over fries with a popular topping.

“I like the fact that they were served with the potato wedges, which made the meal more significant to me. I like the fact that they added the egg on top. So breaking the yolk over the fries was like the icing on the cake. And the sisig itself was very tasty,” he said.

He said adding the cotton candy to the meal was very nostalgic for him.

“It reminded me of summer nights at the carnival,” he said. “So it’s definitely fun but also a nice sweet treat at the end of the meal.”

Ashton Analista said his favorite was the Thai boba drink, kind of a sweet twist on Thai tea with boba balls.

“It’s good,” he said.

More to come 

Micronesia Mall Fred B. Yamon, vice president and general manager of the Micronesia Mall, said they have other vendors soon opening. 

Erik D. Salvador, operations and social media manager, said currently under construction are a couple of coffee shops and a Japanese street food eatery. 

Yamon said they can't comment on the fourth vendor just yet. 

"It'll be good to add variety," Yamon said. 


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