There may not have been a fourth quarter but the learning must go on.

The Guam Department of Education launched its online learning program on April 6 and is expected to announce other learning opportunities at home for those students who don't have access to the internet or computers at home.

GDOE classes were shut down on March 16 after the governor announced a public health emergency, and last week, officials decided that the rest of the school year will be canceled and measures were put in place to allow students to move on to the next grade level or graduate. 

With the rest of the school year canceled, officials want to ensure learning continues and on April 6 launched a new website. 

“We realize that there is a wide variety of learning needs that have to be addressed during this time and we want to give all our students the ability to pursue education and practice their academic and social skills while at home,” said Jon Fernandez, GDOE superintendent. “We anticipate that some GDOE teachers have already reached out to their students and provided subject matter work, but for those who have not been able to do so, there are still many options that are online and free.”

Parents, students, and interested individuals can access the Home Learning website at or through the GDOE Main Page at:

No- to low-tech activities

Language Development: Rhyming games; read to a younger sibling or adult.

Reading: For students of all ages, students can practice reading a passage aloud clearly, accurately and with the right speed and emotion. Then, they can summarize and discuss what they read with other children or adults in the house. 

Writing: Write a letter to a friend, teacher or family member; keep a daily journal; write a thank you note; write and illustrate a short story; practice penmanship/letter formation.

Math: Cook or bake with an adult using measurements; go on a shape hunt; measure and record: how far can you jump, toss etc.

Science/SS: Plant a seed and record observations; go on a nature walk and write down your observations; keep a daily weather report log.

Health/PE: Help prepare a healthy meal; do stretches or play catch out on the yard as a family or with a partner.

Art: Create a self-portrait with any material you have; make up a song; put on a talent show; make up a dance routine; create a collage from magazine cutouts.

Social/Emotional: Write/draw your feelings about being home, being away from friends or missing school; call a grandparent/friend and ask about their day; use puppets/stuffed animals to discuss feelings.


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