For at least an hour yesterday, all four elevators at the Guam Memorial Hospital were inoperable. 

GMH Chief Executive Officer Lillian Perez-Posadas, in response to questions from The Guam Daily Post, said: "Yes, three of the four elevators were down and just about 30 minutes ago, all four elevators are not working. Visiting hours are now suspended," she stated. 

The exact time that the elevators weren't working wasn't noted. The Post confirmed shortly after 4 p.m. that four elevators were down. 

Perez-Posadas – who has struggled to address facility issues, including frequent elevator breakdowns, the decades old electric panel, a leaking roof, an entire wing dilapidated, with extremely limited funds at the aging hospital – said one of the elevators was again up and running shortly before 6 p.m. 

She said Otis technicians were onsite trying to get the elevators back up and running. 

In the meantime, she said hospital staff bringing food to patients or moving patients were using "stairways and muscle power" to get the job done. 

She also confirmed that one of the components of the electronic health record system hardware burned out, saying it was due to power outages. 

"The system went down for 12 hours on Monday," she said. "We reverted to manual/printed paper mode."

She said they were still able to process patients' paperwork on Monday so that they could be discharged, though it took some time. By Monday evening, however, the components were replaced and the EHR was back on, though "the system is slow in returning to full functioning." 

The EHR is the system that tracks patients' services and is one of the items that GMH has been trying to get the Legislature to help fund for years. It's antiicpated to cost about $20 million. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has shared concerns about the EHR.