THE government of Guam’s master telecommunication contract remains at a standstill as the Office of Public Accountability continues to look into the protests and counter-protests filed by GTA Teleguam Holdings and Pacific Data Systems (PDS).

GTA and PDS will present their arguments before the OPA at a hearing on Jan. 29.

The upcoming hearing is related to the high-speed ethernet-based wide area network service portion of the multi-award contract awarded by the General Services Agency to PDS.

GTA maintained it was the lowest bidder and that GSA erroneously rejected the company’s proposals.

In the latest appeal filed in November, GTA said its offer of $750 per month for the solicited service was $120 less than PDA’s bid of $870.

GTA is also protesting GSA’s decision to endorse PDS’ bid for a centralized telecommunications system, arguing that GTA was in fact the lowest bidder.

According to documents filed with the OPA, PDS offered $1,612 for the whole package including installation, equipment and average monthly lease, while GTA offered $1,566 for the same package.

GTA said GSA did not provide “objectively measurable criteria” for Internet speeds 1,000 mbps and 10,000 mbps, which would have affected the pricing.

GTA also claimed its bid was denied because its system did not have a digital display. However, the company noted that the invitation for bid did not specify such requirement.

GSA rejected GTA’s offer because the company submitted multiple prices. GTA, however, clarified its bid submission offered multiple phone instruments.

The contract, which was supposed to go into effect August last year, consolidates the solicitations for telecommunication services of all line agencies of GovGuam covered by the GSA.

The original IFB for a five-year contract called for 2,500 phone lines, voice data, Internet, broadband, Wi-Fi, and other telecommunication needs. It was announced in June 2011.

GSA last year proposed to award a majority of the services to PDS. The wireless service, cellular phone device, broadband and Internet services were awarded to GTA.

In an earlier protest, PDS challenged GSA’s award of certain portions of the contract to GTA, claiming the carrier should have been disqualified because it did not submit a local procurement preference application.


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