GPD in aftermath of public urination video: Call ASAP

'WHAT'S UP WITH THIS GUY?': An unidentified man is seen urinating in broad daylight at the intersection of Purple Heart Memorial Highway and East Sunset Boulevard. Image via screenshot of reader-contributed video

In the aftermath of a widely circulated cellphone video showing a man leaving a vehicle to urinate at a busy traffic light in Maite, the Guam Police Department is reminding the community that witnesses should call police as soon as they see something's wrong.

GPD Spokesman Sgt. Paul Tapao said police received the 10-second video clip, but no official complaint has been filed with police.

The video shows a man urinating in broad daylight at the traffic light in front of San Jose Supermarket at the intersection of Purple Heart Memorial Highway and East Sunset Boulevard. Guam law under the Department of Parks and Recreation states that "urinating or defecating, other than in proper facilities is prohibited."

The clip shows a dark blue Scion XB stopped at a red light.

The person recording the footage from another vehicle can be heard saying, "He came out of this car. He's been driving, like swerving. What's up with this guy?"

Another person in the car is also heard reading the license plate.

"911 should've been called," Tapao said, adding the video has no time stamp to show when it happened.

However, Tapao said if GPD receives more information and a complaint is filed, authorities will investigate to determine what occurred.

Police hope the circulated video serves as a reminder for the community to report anything out of the ordinary.

"Rather than recording, call police immediately with a description of the suspicious incident," he said.

Residents can also report suspicious activity to GPD's dispatchers at 472-8911 or 475-8615-7 or Guam Crime Stoppers at 477-HELP.