GPD investigating staff officer for alleged misconduct

POLICE CHIEF: Guam Police Chief Stephen Ignacio is shown in a press conference in October. Ignacio is coordinating with the attorney general's office on the investigation into a staff officer accused of misconduct. Post file photo

The Guam Police Department’s Internal Affairs Investigation has opened an administrative investigation against a staff officer, for alleged misconduct.

The alleged incident occurred on Nov. 11 during the late night hours, in the Sagan Ypaopao neighborhood, according to a GPD press release.

Patrol officers responded to the neighborhood for a reported suspicious vehicle and soon after their arrival, met with the reporting person, witnesses and the alleged suspicious vehicle. 

"Because of the sensitivity of the information surrounding this investigation, and over the protection of due process rights of all parties involved; more specific details concerning the incident and the investigation cannot be released at this time," GPD stated.

Police Chief Steve Ignacio has coordinated with the Office of the Attorney General to conduct a criminal investigation into the matter.

(Daily Post Staff)


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