Ieremia Fagavao

Ieremia Fagavao

Police arrested a man after he allegedly grabbed the gun of a police officer responding to a disturbance in Yigo on Thursday. 

Ieremia Fagavao, 30, was arrested on suspicion of criminal trespass, assault on a peace officer, disarming of a peace officer, resisting arrest, and family violence.

According to GPD spokesperson Sgt. Paul Tapao, officers responded to a disturbance at a home on Chalan Tun Luis Takano in Yigo. Police learned that the suspect was not allowed to be at the home due to an ongoing case.

Authorities noted the suspect was aggressive and arguing with another person at the home.

As police escorted the suspect outside, the suspect then allegedly reached for the officer’s duty belt and grabbed the officer’s firearm.

The suspect attempted to pull the gun from the holster before officers restrained him.

Fagavao is being held at the Department of Corrections.

According to prison records, Fagavao was arrested back in March on charges of child abuse, simple assault, family violence, and criminal mischief. He was also arrested in 2019 on charges of family violence and terrorizing, records state.


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