The community should begin to see officers of the Guam Police Department out patrolling in a different uniform.

Officers at the Hagåtña Precinct Command have started a uniform pilot program to determine if patrol officers would be able to work better in the department-issued navy blue Class C uniforms.

Currently, GPD officers are seen daily in their Class B French blue dress shirts and pants.

"Right now that's our uniform of the day every day," said Hagåtña Precinct Command shift supervisor Sgt. John Perez. "Since the '80s, the public has been used to seeing the French blue uniforms and nationwide police technology is evolving and you are seeing a lot more police uniforms like this – a little more tactical."

Officers including Cindy Fejaran said the Class C uniform also helps to keep them comfortable while they are out on patrol.

"It's a lot cooler," said Fejaran, who is a police officer I. "Flexibility is better. It's durable, so when you have to go over a fence or whatever, then it won't rip as quickly as the other uniform."

GPD Chief Stephen Ignacio has authorized the officers to spend 30 days conducting the uniform pilot program.

"It's more conducive to what we have to do on a daily basis," said Perez. "To me, we stand more ready to better serve the public and ready to go anywhere. It's a lot more rugged, so running into the beach or jungle after a suspect, God forbid, those instances we may have to use physical force, it's a lot easier for our officers to maneuver."

Staff officers will still be required to wear the formal Class B uniforms.

At the completion of the pilot program, the department will review the feedback from officers to determine if the Class C uniform will continue to be used daily by all officers on patrol.