Jon Anderson: A voice of news talk

"The strength of a democracy relies on its population being informed enough to choose the right leaders, and to hold them accountable while in office," notes a biography of Jon Anderson in a program for his memorial service. The longtime talk radio show host died Feb. 1 at the age of 76. For nearly two decades as host of the K-57 Breakfast Show, Anderson ruled the morning drive time on Guam. Power brokers, politicians, Tun Juan and Tan Maria all tuned in to listen, or called in to be heard. He arbitrated the debate with a fair-minded calm admired by all. A scholarship for journalism students was established in his name. For information, visit the website.  

Rachelle Bergeron: Yap AG

Yap's acting Attorney General Rachelle Bergeron was fatally shot outside of her home in Yap on Oct. 14. Anthony Rutun Teteeth and Francis Choay Buchun have been charged in the Yap State Court with conspiracy to commit murder. Bergeron had gone running with her dog when gunfire erupted. She died after being shot multiple times. The FBI sent a team from Guam to assist with the investigation. Her body was flown to her home state of Wisconsin on Nov. 2. The Wisconsin native was hired as an assistant AG in Yap in August 2015 and was promoted to acting AG in January. She and her husband would have celebrated their first anniversary at the end of October and were preparing to leave Yap and relocate back to the U.S. mainland.

Lee Holmes: Marine, Guam media pioneer 

Lee M. Holmes, a Guam media pioneer and president of Guam Cable TV, died just about two weeks shy of his 89th birthday. The former Marine was born Dec. 25, 1930 in Virginia, started Guam Cable TV on Aug. 4, 1971 and led the organization until it was sold to Marians Cable Vision in 1997. Holmes also started Hit Radio 100, KFVE-TV, and Pacific Color Press. In a 2014 legislative resolution, senators commended Holmes “for his invaluable contributions to our island community and its economy..." 

Joe Mesa: Former senator, Cabinet official

Joe Mesa, who served as a cabinet member in two previous gubernatorial administrations and on the Guam Election Commission in various roles for many years, died on Nov. 1. Mesa also served as the district director for the late Congressman Ben Blaz. And he served as a Cabinet member for then-Governors Joseph Ada and Felix Camacho. He was 67. “Joe was a good friend, a public servant and an effective political strategist, having been involved in numerous campaigns over the years," Jerry Crisostomo, chairman of the Republican Party of Guam, stated. 

Joaquin "Kin" Perez: Political pundit, mentor

Joaquin "Kin" Perez is remembered by many on Guam as someone who dedicated his life to public service and the Democratic Party. Perez was chief of staff to then-Delegate Madeleine Bordallo, a former Democratic Party chairman and Guam Election Commission commissioner. He was a frequent contributor to The Guam Daily Post's forum section up until just several days before he passed on. He died on Oct. 21. He was 73. “Generations of public servants were made better because he was generous with his mentorship," Democratic Party Chair Régine Biscoe Lee stated.

Rex Sorensen: Guam media group founder

Sorensen Media Group founder Rex Sorensen died in his home on March 12 at the age of 73. Sorensen began his career in Hawaii as a real estate developer and then created News Talk K57 in 1981, changing it from a music format to talk radio in 1985. The media company operates radio and television stations on Guam and in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. "His tenacity was legendary. Guam truly has lost a titan of industry," SMG General Manager Shin Taira stated.

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