11,000 Guam tax refunds this week

FILING TAXES: Residents stand in line to file their regular income tax forms in a prior tax year at the Department of Revenue and Taxation. About 11,000 tax refund checks will be released this week. Post file photo

An additional $25.5 million in tax refunds will be released by the end of this week, according to a statement issued by the governor’s office Tuesday.

“The goal is to release over 11,000” tax refund checks, Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero announced in a written statement.

The governor’s statement does not say on which day this week the checks will be mailed out. It indicates the Department of Administration is still preparing the checks.

The refund checks should cover error-free returns filed through March 31.

Refunds filed on April 1 and later will be issued shortly after that, according to the statement which says “the Department of Revenue and Taxation is still processing the remaining 7,000 additional  returns.”

The governor’s statement says that the balance owed in tax refunds is about $42 million. The $25.5 million in checks being sent out this week will reduce that balance to $16.5 million still owed to Guam taxpayers.

For the past few months, the Department of Administration has been mailing several hundred refund checks each week amounting to no more than $3 million to $4 million.

The sudden surge in refund payments this week is due to the $70 million in Section 30 funds GovGuam received last week from the federal government.

Section 30 funds are primarily withholding tax payments from federal employees and military service members who work on Guam. The federal government remits that money to GovGuam every September. Section 30 funds have typically been used to pay tax refunds each year.

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