2 guilty of lesser charges in machete attack

PROSECUTOR: Assistant Attorney General Sean Brown, right, points to a surveillance video during closing arguments on Friday in the Superior Court of Guam for the machete incident in June near the University of Guam. Dontana Keraskes/The Guam Daily Post

The man accused of slashing his cousin’s midriff with a machete in July was acquitted of attempted murder but found guilty of lesser charges.

Jurors in the trial for brothers Emmanuel Reselap and Jordan Rachulap completed their weeklong deliberations on Friday.

Assistant Attorney General Sean Brown, who had handled the prosecution on the case said: “Although we didn’t get a conviction on all counts, we believe that justice has been served.”

Reselap, who had initially been charged with attempted murder, family violence, terrorizing and criminal mischief, was found guilty of aggravated assault, two counts of terrorizing and criminal mischief, and family violence.

During the trial, Reselap's cousin, the slashing victim, told jurors he didn't believe that Reselap was trying to kill him. 

Jordan Rachulap was found guilty of two counts each of criminal mischief and terrorizing.

In June, the two men, armed with a machete each, ran onto the road started slashing at cars that were stuck in the afternoon traffic in Mangilao. They frightened drivers and damaged several vehicles. Another individual added to the chaotic scene when he started to throw rocks.

Rachulap initially faced seven counts of terrorizing and criminal mischief as well as a felony aggravated assault charge and a charge of assault as a misdemeanor. Four terrorizing counts and three criminal misdemeanor counts were dropped from Rachulap’s charges last week. It was established in court that he hadn’t thrown rocks at a truck.