Five students were taken into custody after a reported riot injured seven students at Tiyan High School Tuesday.

This is the second riot in two weeks at public high schools, and officials are concerned that alcohol may have played a role in both.

Three injured students were treated at Guam Memorial Hospital - two were transported via ambulance, Guam Department of Education officials said.

Four students were treated on campus, the Guam Fire Department confirmed.

Guam Police Department spokesman Sgt. Paul Tapao said there was one fight that broke out earlier before a second fight started, which soon escalated into a riot.

Shortly before 11 a.m., GPD received a call of a full-scale riot.

Tapao said officers from all precincts, including Hagåtña, Tamuning, Southern and Northern precinct commands, as well as Department of Agriculture conservation officers, provided assistance.

GPD is working with DOE and school administrators to determine the cause of the riot.

"This is an ongoing investigation as our juvenile investigators have been activated to assume this case," Tapao said. "We strongly ask the parents to talk to their kids about what had happened today and what we can do collectively as a community to prevent this from happening, not just here but throughout our island."

Alcohol on campus

Sources said it started with one student who was drunk at school. Another student reported him and ended up getting jumped by the drunk student and his friends, and from there temperatures escalated.

As school aides cleared one fight, three or four students would run to another area and get into another fight. Tiyan High students were released about an hour early at 12:45 p.m.

GDOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez reiterated GDOE's zero tolerance policy against violence and alcohol on school campuses.

“We encourage our school administrators to use their authority to deliver the appropriate disciplinary consequences, and we need to be clear that acts of violence should not be tolerated in our school communities, ” Fernandez said. “When it comes to violence, I will support our administrators’ decisions, especially when they recommend expulsion.”

Recommendations for expulsion must go through a Disciplinary Advisory Committee, which is made up of teachers, students, administrators and a central office representative, DOE officials said. The committee will make a recommendation regarding final disciplinary action and present it to the superintendent for approval. Parents and guardians may appeal an expulsion to the superintendent.

DOE officials acknowledged that alcohol "appears to have played a role in the two recent riots at GDOE high schools." They noted that there "will be no tolerance for students found to be in possession of alcohol or intoxicated on school campuses."

Students who bring alcohol on campus or who are intoxicated on campus "will be disciplined accordingly," officials stated.

“We want our kids to be safe and to say no to violence or substances that may lead to violence in our schools," Fernandez added. "We thank the Guam Police Department for their continued support in responding quickly to these types of incidents, and we need the continued support of our community partners to keep our schools safe.”

JFK riot

Last week, a riot was reported at John F. Kennedy High School. Two students were taken into custody, GPD stated.

Tapao on Tuesday said he didn't have an update on the two students taken into custody.

"One individual was classified as an adult," Tapao stated, adding he would have to confirm if the student was arrested.

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