‘Police chief directs Internal Affairs to  verify video alleging police brutality

CRASH: This is a screen capture from a video taken of a motorcycle crash in Santa Rita on Tuesday night. Reader-contributed. 

A video circulated on social media captures the voice of a person holding a cellphone alleging that an officer was kicking a man on the ground as police responded to a motorcycle crash.

The video is now evidence in a new Internal Affairs investigation the Guam Police Department launched Wednesday.

The video shows a motorcycle on the ground and at least three officers standing over the rider who landed on the other side of a concrete barrier.  

The recorder alleged the officer was kicking the victim, but the video doesn’t show the actual kicking.

“Stop kicking the guy, leche!” he said. “You already got him, and you just keep kicking him.”

Police on scene told the people recording the incident to "back up." One officer was seen holding a taser.

Police Chief Stephen Ignacio said he received the video from multiple people.

“I did send it to Internal Affairs this morning, because I don’t know the date and the time for that video. We are trying to determine what it’s related to, and we are looking into it,” Ignacio said. “I don’t want to assume that's it and then it’s something else. There is a likelihood that it is, but until we can confirm, then I really can’t make a comment.”

The chief expects to have an update from his IA investigators by the end of the week.

“If there is, as the person alleged in the video, that the officer was kicking the person on the ground then there will be a complete investigation by the Internal Affairs division who will determine what course of action we need to take,” he said.

Motorcycle crash

A second video captured at a different angle showed the moment the suspect's motorcycle crashed. Just seconds prior to the crash, the video captured police on a chase.

A serious motorcycle crash had been reported by first responders the night before the videos began to circulate.

The crash happened at the intersection of Pale Ferdinand and Bishop Olano Drive in Santa Rita around 10:42 p.m. on Tuesday.

The 42-year-old man, who has not yet been identified, suffered serious injuries and was taken to U.S. Naval Hospital Guam. His condition is unknown.

The Guam Daily Post has learned from investigators that the bike was reported stolen.

Police stated officers were conducting a welfare check in Yona, when officers saw the bike speeding along Route 17.

Authorities said the suspect led them on a chase that ended in Santa Rita after the suspect crashed into a concrete barrier.


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